About our Chapter

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are a group of over 300 members including sustaining members. We contribute thousands of volunteer hours towards are community and the philanthropies we serve.

Additionally, every year we have events which enable our moms and daughters to build strong bounds with each other and contribute to our community. Some of these events include:

  • In September we kick off the end of summer with our annual joint mother daughter meeting. This year we had a great time with an exciting Chopped competition.
  • In November our chapter will focus on our local philanthropies at our Annual Philanthropy Fair. Mothers and daughters work together at various philanthropy stations provided to experience and serve as many of our philanthropies as possible.
  • In the Spring we host a Mother-Daughter tea to honor our members and their contributions to philanthropies.
  • In the Spring we host our Senior Recognition event to recognize the graduating senior class, looking back at their 6 years of service and celebrating their future as they graduate from high school.

The most rewarding aspect of NCL are the experiences we have with our daughters and the friendships we establish during our six years together. Through the outstanding work we do in the community and our participation in social and cultural events, we build long-lasting friendships and memories.



Winners of our Chopped Event Sept 2017